Three Ways to Solve Switching Power Adapter Insulation Shield!


【 Summary description 】 From the development to the production of a switching power adapter, engineers consider many aspects, such as product packaging, circuit design, heat dissipation design, appearance, volume and a series of issues.As mentioned in the title, the insulation shield of the switching power adapter is also a very important point.

In general, we are more common insulation shielding technology has the following three kinds, one is to strengthen the insulation technology, two is additional insulation technology, three is the basic insulation.When is insulating shielding used?General switching power supply adapter in the process of work, occasionally there will be a circuit surge suddenly higher than the risk voltage, and then in order to ensure the normal use of switching power supply, we must use insulation shield technology.

First of all, we analyze the first point, reinforced insulation technology, this method is more common, it is equivalent to double insulation effect, the main function of the circuit design, using this technology in the single layer inside the minimum thickness is greater than or equal to 0.4 mm is the best, so that can have several layers of insulation protection, and one of the various insulation system of this technology is to avoid electric shock.

Second, we talk about additional insulation technology. In this way, we should pay special attention to that the minimum thickness of the additional insulation layer must be greater than or equal to 0.4mm, so that it will be more effective.The principle of this technique is added to the base insulation independently, but only occasionally, to provide a second level of cover against the click.

The third type of insulation shield is base insulation.This method is very common, is also the most basic solution to switch power adapter click, this will not be explained in detail, but this method is not absolutely safe, so engineers must pay attention to some problems when using this method.

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