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Power adapter quality should always be placed in the first place, 3 questions to tell you the answer!

In our modern life, the power adapter is intimately linked with our daily life and work, it plays a very important role, but the power adapter is there safe hidden trouble, believe that everyone has a certain understanding, so we should be careful when buying and using, shenzhen all the power supply technology co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of the power adapter.Today I will talk to you about some quality hazards of the power adapter, there are the following three points:

(1) : product marks are not complete or not standard: industrial power supply marks should contain important information to guide the correct installation and use of users, and the correct labeling of products is one of the basic measures to ensure the safety of users' personal and property.Marks should be durable and eye-catching. Marks should not fall off after normal use. Contents should be washed and discernible.Products for sale in China are required to be marked in simplified Chinese and should contain at least the following information: name, trademark or identification mark of the manufacturer or distributor;Model code or specification;Power supply properties;Rated supply voltage range.If the information is not complete, consumers can not be correctly guided to use, and some may even be misused and damaged the electronic equipment connected with it, the common problem is that there is no Chinese logo, no factory name or trademark, model code or model specifications;

(2) : the power plug is not standard: China provides that the household single-phase power plug has two forms of non-grounding and grounding, the power plug in use should be able to prevent the single-pole insertion, that is, when any of the plug plug and socket live plug plug, the other plug can not be in a state of easy to touch.During the spot check, it was found that the bolt was too long, which increased the risk of electric shock in the process of plugging and unplugging.In addition, the shape of the power plug does not meet the requirements is also more common, because these plugs and China's use of socket is not compatible, it is also easy to cause electric shock users;

(3) : under normal working conditions of fever does not conform to the requirements: the function of the power adapter is transform voltage, because there is loss in the process of voltage transform part need to consume energy, electrical energy into heat energy, part of the heat through radiation, convection, conduction of three methods for heat into the surrounding environment, another part of heat energy is absorbed by itself, by raising the temperature of the power adapter.The heat resistance law of insulating materials shows that the internal temperature of equipment rises to a certain temperature, which will lead to rapid aging of insulating materials, shorten the test life of products and reduce the safety performance.Therefore, the temperature of the power adapter during normal work can only be controlled within the appropriate range to ensure its safe and normal work.

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