MOMAX Gan 100W charger: a new technology of environmental protection and fast charging


The reason why MOMAX oneplug 100W Gan charging head can meet the needs of most users in the market is that it supports the maximum output power of 100W and has four charging ports of 2a2c, and all these four charging ports can achieve the maximum power of 100W. Whether it comes to power or charging port quantity, it can meet most of our daily work and life needs, which is also the core selling point of this product.

The MOMAX oneplug 100W Gan charging head shell is made of PC flame retardant material, and the surface is covered with light grinding coating. The four corners are also arc treated, which makes it feel comfortable, non slip and easy to clean. The fuselage side is 75mm long, 28mm thick and the net weight is about 207 g. This design makes it very convenient for MOMAX oneplug to be placed in the bag or on the plug board without blocking other plug of power equipment.


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