Will Huawei's Mate40 Pro follow Apple and Samsung in removing chargers?


The iPhone12 series caused a stir because it didn't "come with" a charger, but that didn't seem to hurt sales.The Mi 11 was later "prepared" not to have a charger, and in the end Xiaomi offered a friendlier solution by giving the "choice" to the "consumer."Now Huawei is going to follow suit?

  • Is there a non-charger version of Huawei's Mate40 Pro?

The new version of Huawei's Mate40 Pro has been released online. Unlike the previous version, the version with a glass back cover is no longer "equipped" with a charger, while the version with a plain leather cover is still "equipped" with a charger.Is Huawei even out of stock on chargers?

The 66W quick charge head of Huawei MATE40 PRO can only be purchased together with the 50W vertical wireless charge. The price is as high as 479 yuan, and it is also out of stock.So where do consumers go to buy a charger for Huawei's Mate40 Pro when the no-charger version hits the market?

Of course, Huawei may not be like Apple "one-size-fits-all", but like Xiaomi, to give the choice to consumers.

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