Is it OK to plug the "cold knowledge" mobile phone charger into the socket for a long time?


Although the battery capacity of smart phones is getting bigger and bigger, their endurance is getting stronger and stronger. However, because mobile phones are closely related to our lives, they play a very important role in our lives, so many times they are in a state of "hands-on".

In this situation, no matter how large the capacity of the battery can not support. Therefore, it is normal for many mobile phones to charge twice a day or three times a day.

So, for convenience, some people do not unplug the mobile phone charger from the socket after charging, but plug it into the power supply all the time.

Charging time

So, can cell phone charger be plugged into the socket for a long time?

In fact, after the mobile phone charger is connected to the socket, although it is not connected to the mobile phone for charging, it will continue to work. In the long run, mobile phone chargers still consume some power. More importantly, continuous operation will cause the charger to heat up and lead to the aging of electronic components, which will reduce the service life of the charger. However, for some mobile phone chargers with substandard quality, there are more security risks.

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